Academic Experience

Online MBA Program at a Glance

  • Coursework Delivered 100% Online
  • Engaging Expert Faculty
  • Supportive Cohort Format
  • Both Flexible and Live Online Learning
  • 57 Credits to Graduate
  • $1050 per Credit for All Students
  • GMAT/GRE Optional for Admission
  • 3 Years Average Completion Time


The UConn Online MBA prepares you for a career across a wide array of new and established industries. The vibrant curriculum is formatted to support students hailing from various professional backgrounds, including those typically considered outside of the field of business. From technical theory to practical application, the concentration you choose will help you develop specialized skills.

The UConn Online MBA requires 57 credits, or 19 graduate-level courses, including 12 core classes and 7 electives. You may choose from four Concentrations:

  • Business Analytics
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Digital Marketing Strategy


Synchronous (Real Time) and Asynchronous (Your Time)

Students in the Online MBA program begin their journey by completing their core courses altogether, as a cohort. They take two prescribed courses per semester for their first two years. Those courses are designed with both synchronous (live online classes in real-time) and asynchronous (flexible coursework scheduled on your time) components. All synchronous aspects of the courses take place on Monday evenings. On Monday evenings when there are no scheduled live classes, students will have the opportunity to engage in career and professional workshops. After completing their core courses, students will then choose from our online elective course offerings.

Core Classes

Semester 1 (Fall 1st year)

  • ACCT 5121 – Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • MENT 5138 – Managing Organizations

Semester 2 (Spring 1st year)

  • BADM 5103 – Statistics and Spreadsheet Modeling for Business
    • Students concentrating in Business Analytics will take OPIM 5603 instead of BADM 5103.
  • MKTG 5115 – Marketing Management

Semester 3 (Summer 1st year)

  • FNCE 5151 – Introduction to Economics, Financial Markets, and Information
  • BLAW 5175 – Business, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society

Semester 4 (Fall 2nd year)

  • OPIM 5185 – Introduction to Data Analytics and Management Information Systems
  • FNCE 5101 – Financial Management

Semester 5 (Spring 2nd year)

  • MENT 5650 – Interpersonal Relations, Influence, and Ethical Leadership
  • OPIM 5110 – Operations Management

Semester 6 (Summer 2nd year)

  • ACCT 5123 – Cost Analysis and Control
  • MENT 5800 – Strategy, Policy, and Planning

Subsequent Semesters

  • 7 Elective Courses

Current Graduate Catalog

Concentrations / Electives

Online MBA students must complete 21 credits (7 courses) of graduate-level Electives, including at least one international business course (any graduate-level business course with “international” or “global” in the title.) To complete a Concentration, a student must complete 12 elective credits in one of the following areas:

  • Business Analytics
    Increasingly, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations are using data to make operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. This has intensified companies’ need for analysts who are trained with specific “data mining” skillsets. This is the focus of our Business Analytics concentration.
    12 graduate level OPIM elective credits
    • OPIM 5603 - Statistics in Business Analytics
    • OPIM 5604 - Predictive Modeling
    • OPIM 5272 - Data Management and Business Process Modeling

    Choose one of the following:

    • OPIM 5501 - Visual Analytics
    • OPIM 5502 - Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
    • OPIM 5504 - Adaptive Business Intelligence
    • OPIM 5505 - Analytical Consulting for Financial Services
    • OPIM 5641 - Business Decision Modeling
    • OPIM 5671 - Data Mining and Business Intelligence

    *If a student has a concentration in Business Analytics and successfully completes OPIM 5272 and OPIM 5603, then BADM 5103 is waived and substituted with an elective course.

    OPIM Graduate Courses

  • Management
    With a concentration in Management, you will gain both a thorough grounding in contemporary management theory and hands –on, real-world understanding of how to tactfully lead your organization forward while becoming a strategic agent for innovation and change.
    12 graduate level MGMT elective credits
    MGMT Graduate Courses
  • Finance 
    Studying finance not only prepares you for advanced careers in the financial services sector, but also helps you become more financially literate, enabling you to make better personal financial decisions. Our finance concentration equips you with the knowledge required for an advanced career in financial management, security analysis, investment management, private equity, venture capital, financial consulting, risk management, and insurance.
    12 graduate level FNCE elective credits
    FNCE Graduate Courses
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    Digital marketing builds strategy strong brands with advertising and content delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Professionally navigating these digital channels requires vision, strategy, and highly specialized skills. With our concentration in Digital Marketing Strategy, you will master the tools and techniques that will propel you to the forefront of this field.
    12 graduate level MKTG elective credits
    • MKTG 5251 – Marketing and Digital Analytics
    • MKTG 5665 –  Digital Marketing

    Two additional graduate level MKTG electives
    MKTG Graduate Courses

Campus Engagment Opportunities

Remote But Not Socially Distant

While we may be living, learning, and working in separate locations around the globe, we are one UConn Husky Nation. The UConn Online MBA program offers several tailored opportunities and resources that will enrich your student experience.

On-Site In-Residence Experiences

Before the program begins in the fall,  kick off your journey with an in-residence weekend on the UConn campus in Hartford, CT. Enjoy a comprehensive program overview, meet your fellow classmates, and key faculty.

Midway Check-in

Join us for a weekend with your classmates to kick off your final semesters and learn more about concentrations and electives.

International Trips Online Master of Business Administration International Trip for MBA Student Cohort Classmates Posing and Smiling

For the past several years, MBA students have been invited to join UConn’s School of Business for an academic and cultural immersion like no other. Offered during your third and final year, these incredible experiences allow you to make valuable cultural and corporate connections.

“The international learning experience brings a dimension to learning beyond completing classroom work.”

— Jose Cruz, Ph.D. - Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

International Trips

Academic Component 
During the pre-trip preparation, you will research the country’s economy, companies and business practices. After the trip, you will present your findings in a paper or presentation to complete the course requirements. 

Cultural Component
The goal of these trips is to immerse our graduate business students in another culture. Through a combination of sightseeing, cultural experiences, and exposure to businesses large and small, students learn how culture influences personal habits and business decisions. 

Networking Opportunities

UConn alumni hold leading roles everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to promising startups. Throughout your Online MBA experience, you will have an opportunity to join exciting alumni networking events, exposing you to a network of 45,000 School of Business and 250,000 UConn alumni.

Clubs and Organizations

Online Master of Business Administration Class of Students Posing and Smiling with MBA AwardsGet involved with any of the several established UConn students' clubs or create your own with a few of your like-minded colleagues.

Case Competitions

Immerse yourself in real-world projects as you work with peers to solve challenges faced by businesses throughout the world today.